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Palmyra stones introduce you many types of natural stones. We have huge collection of natural stones.
Split-Face Mosaics provide an excellent wall facade for interior or exterior design. this type of marble(or travertine) after cutting stone sheets to equal long cubes cut to 10cm to 30cm cubes. After this process cutted cubes is placing under giyotin like machine and splitting to two pices by pressing. This process introduce mirrored veins of marble which creates amazing colored facade.


Palmyra Stones Group have to introduce the best quality for all products


We have huge collection of colorful split-face natural stones for your favor


Palmyra Stones Group introduce you huge variate of split-face mosaic tiles size


We have 40+ colors of split-face mosaics. Each couple of mosaics are mirrored because of splitting

Palmyra Stones Group with two factory of split-face mosaics producing introduce you a huge collection of this product

Split-Face mosaics can use in interior and exterior for create attractive facade of walls. We can divide our products to three category by colors :
  • Light Mosaics
  • Dark Mosaics
  • Color Mosaics

You can choose between these mosaics.